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Tri State Hosting and Design charges $50 per page created, period. Maintenance programs are available but are quoted on a per job basis.

Have you noticed that most web site design companies don't announce their prices? It usually takes quite a bit of digging to find out that they want $75-$100 per hour (and more!) to create your web site. Or they list so many different prices for so many different services that it's virtually impossible to keep track of what the bottom line is. Who has the time!?!

How can we charge such a low rate? Home office = low overhead ... and we pass the savings on to our clients!

We will create a one or two page preview and work with you from that point to develop the rest of the site. Invoices will be sent at the end of each month thereafter, according to our regularly monthly billing cycle. Payment is expected in full within 10 business days of the dates of the invoices, unless previous payment installment arrangements have been authorized.

Hosting Packages starting at $10.00 per month!

30 day money back guarantee!

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